Fashion Designer Basics

About Fashion

Fashion is consisted of clothes and accessories that differ from trend to trend. Everyone has their own type of fashion rather they dress in expensive flamboyant clothes or casual clothes. Most people may think fashion is silly and that they do not play a role in fashion but they do. Whatever you wear creates a fashion. If a superstar decides to dye her hair red and wear dark clothing’s, she has created a fashion that a lot of fans may adopt. Fashion will last forever, a trend is only temporarily therefore fashion is consisted of temporary tends that make up fashion.

There have been many types of fashions in the past and there are more to come in the future. A fashion type of fashion that is popular now may not be popular ten years from now and for some popular fashions they may not be popular a month from now. Usually fashion is created from Hollywood by superstars and other famous people who have millions of fans who want to be just like them or dress like them. Some fashions are more popular than others just because of the person’s popularity that started the fashion. If you have a Professional basketball player who wears Jordan shoes on and off the court and he talks about Jordan shoes all the time then his fashion will be more popular than just a local high school basketball player who wears a different type of shoe that he talks about all the time. The local high school basketball player fashion may be more popular locally in his region but the professional basketball player fashion will be more popular nationally because he has more viewers. So therefore fashion can be more popular in one geographic place and less popular or common in a different geographic place.

In conclusion everyone has their own type of fashion regardless if they try to create a fashion trend or not because everything you wear or do creates a fashion. Also a fashion can be more common in one geographic place and not as popular in another geographic place.

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